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Here are some science websites that I came across.  If you have a science website that you recommend, please send it my way!  E-mail me at

Anatomy, Biology and Chemistry

Astronomy and Space

Earth Science

General Science Resources




Anatomy, Biology and Chemistry:

Access Excellence
The Biology Project
Brain Model Tutorial
Chem Info Net
Chemistry Teaching Resources
The Exploratorium's Cows Eye Dissection
Frogs: Grow Your Own
Fun Facts about Fungi
A Guided Tour of the Visible Human
The Heart: An Online Exploration
An Interactive Periodic Table
It may be yucky, but somebody has to teach it
North American Dragonfly Migration Project
Periodic Table of the Elements

Astronomy and Space:

Astronomy Picture of the Day's Educational Links
Captain Comet
Counting the Stars
Life on Mars
NASA Discovery Program
NASA Quest
The Nine Planets
Welcome to the Planets

Earth Science:

Earth Day Everyday!
Earth History Resources
Meteorology Guide
National Climatic Data Center
Pollen for Kids
Selected Web Sites for Geoscientists
Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data
U.S. Geographical Survey
US State Wildlife
Volcano World
The Weather Channel Home Page

General Science Resources:

A Guide to Teaching English and Science Together
Ask Dr. Science
Fun Science Gallery
How Stuff Works
OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange -- Science (Elementary)
OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange -- Science (Intermediate)
OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange -- Science (High School)
The Sciences Explorer
Science Lesson Plans and Activities
Science Resources
Science Teaching Resources
Teaching Science: The Inquiry Approach
Teaching Science to Students with Disabilities
Weather Dude
What if a Person Never Stopped Growing?


Interactive Physics Modules
The Interactive Physics Problem Set