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The teaching of reading is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart.  I am a Reading Specialist, and therefore my job is to not only work with children who need extra assistance with reading, but also to assist my staff in finding reading resources to use with their classes.  It is my hope that these resources will be of help.  There are additional Reading Resources on my Language Arts page.  Know of a page that I should add?  Please e-mail me at:  Find a dead link?  Let me know of that as well.

ABC's of Reading
Activities for Teaching Reading
Education World -- School Issues: One Reading Report . . .
Good Books Kids Love to Read
Literature Activities
Reading Between the Lines
Teaching Reading
Teaching Reading Comprehension Through the Newspaper
Teaching Reading Skills
Tips for Teaching Reading
Tips for Teaching Reading #2
Types of Exercises for Teaching Comprehension Skills
What's the Secret of Teaching Reading?