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Need a math lesson plan?  Search no further!  Here you will find all the resources you could possibly need where the teaching of math is concerned.

General Math

Number Sense

Data Analysis and Probability


Measurement and Discrete Math

Patterns, Algebra and Functions

Problem Solving



General Math Resources

Ask Dr. Math
Dave's Math Tables (All Math subjects covered)
Math and Language Arts
Math in Daily Life
Math Jeopardy
Math Lesson Plans
The Measures
Middle School Problem of the Week!
Teachers Helping Teachers
Web Sites and Resources for Teachers: Mathematics
WTMS Math Resources

Number Sense:

Division Tips
Estimation and Number Sense
Flashcards for Kids!
Math Shortcuts
The Million $ Mission
Multiplication Tips
Stock Market Math

Data Analysis and Probability:

Adventures in Statistics
Calculator Pattern Puzzles
Cube Coloring Problem
Games on Graphs
Good News Bears -- Activity
The Hand Squeeze
The Hot Tub
How to Make a Spinner
Indy 500
The Internet Pizza Server
M&M Graphing and Probability
The Million $ Mission
Probability: The Study of Chance
Roman Numerals

Patterns, Algebra and Functions:

Algebra, Fun with Calendars
Algebra Problems and Puzzles
Algebraic Factoring
Awareness of Pre-algebra concepts
Classification of Patterns
Even and Odd Functions
Inverse Functions
Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Functions
Locker Problem Activity
Monotonic Functions
Multiplying Binomials with FOIL
Smiling Man

Problem Solving:

Brain Teasers


3-D Drawing and Geometry
Activities for Pi Mathematics
Conjectures in Geometry
Designs with Circles
Discovering Pi
Exploring Geometry on the Sphere
Exploring Similarity Using Scale Drawings
Farm Shapes
Fractal Links
Gallery of Interactive Geometry
Geometric Factoring
The Geometry Junkyard
Geometry Problem of the Week
How many different paths?
Introduction: Room 8 Geometry Book
Measuring the Earth

Measurement and Discrete Mathematics:

Adventures in Statistics
Area and Volume
Cool To Rule
Estimating Distances
Integrating Math into a Spring Thematic Unit
Learning Measurements
Metric Equivalents
The Metric System
Surf to the Planets on the Internet